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We truly value your decision to unite with us in prayer and financial support. Partnering with KSM & EEM enables us to reach out to those incarcerated (Hebrews 13:3), equipping us with the necessary means to instruct and guide them in the ways of the Lord (3 John 1:8). Your partnership enables us to extend a hand of fellowship to their needs (Psalm 69:33), and provides all with a testimony that proclaims to the world "The Lord sets the prisoners free!" (Psalm 146:7) Your Partnership does make the difference in the lives of so many.

Your monthly Partnership will be sown into fertile ground as hundreds of thousands all around the world will be forever changed and transformed when their souls get healed. You will help restore lives that may not have been touched otherwise without your help. We believe God will honor your faithful contributions by giving you a bountiful harvest, especially as you come under the multiplication anointing that God has given to Katie Souza and Expected End Ministries. 

We value your support and faithfulness and would like to send you a special gift when you sign up to become an AMP (automatic monthly partner).  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Partner Relations Department at keypartners@expectedend.org 

Would you like to be part of KSM & EEM's Prayer Shield coverage?  Please click here to begin the Volunteer Application process and our Prayer Shield Coordinator will get back to you shorty. 

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Expected End Ministries. All use of personal information that you may submit to Expected End Ministries through this website is governed by the Expected End Ministries Privacy Policy. We will not sell or trade any of your personal information. For a more detailed statement please click on the highlighted text link above. We thank you for your trust.

  • Hearing From God

    Katie Souza reveals how God, through signs and wonders, led her to receive the powerful healing anointing this ministry carries today. Go to E-Store

  • The Glory Light Of Jesus Heals Your Soul

    NEW & UPDATED:  The Glory Light of Jesus Christ can supernaturally heal your soul in an accelerated manner!  Go to E-Store

  • The Awesome Power of Purpose

    Listen to Katie Souza's powerful, life changing testimony!Katie's problems began in her early teens when she began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Go to E-Store

  • Interpreting Dreams and Visions For Your Soul

    Katie Souza continues the Soul Series on how the Glory Light of Jesus supernaturally heals your soul!  Learn how to interpret your dreams and  receive a healing miracle in your life. Go to E-Store

  • Clean Up, Power Up

    In this teaching, Katie Souza proves biblically that repentance opens the heavens and causes signs and wonders to occur! You will understand the power that atonement has iin bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Go to E-Store

  • Ascending Into the Supernatural

    In this exciting teaching, you will see biblical proof that you can ascend into the realm of Glory. The Bible says we are seated in heavenly realms with Christ. The word "seated" is past tense which means you are already there! Go to -E-Store

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